Air Scentsations for Business

 Hospitality & Business Air Freshening & Fragrancing Systems

Air Scentsations has Diffusers & Fragrances for Your Any Area of Your Property


Large Space Fragrancing 

Air Scentsations has HVAC Mounted Air Freshener & Fragrancing Systems for Large Spaces Such as Lobbies, Whole Floors, RTU Building Fragrancing, Meeting & Ball Rooms, Gyms, Retail Space, etc., etc.

Zone Fragrancing 

Air Scensations has Air Freshener & Fragrancing Systems for Stand Alone Room & Zone Fragrancing

Local Fragrancing Service 

Air Scentsations provides Air Freshening & Fragrancing Services to Hospitality, Condos, Apartments & Businesses in the South Florida and Central Florida Areas. Please contact us for more information.







The Benefits of Scent Marketing - Air Freshening & Fragrancing Systems

Air Freshening & Scent Marketing

Fragrancing is also Referred to as "Scent Marketing", which Enhances your Customers', Owners' & Tenants" Experience in Your Facility.

Benefits of Air Freshening & Scent Marketing

Scent Marketing Results in an Enhanced Perception of Your Facility which Increases Satisfaction & Positive Feelings about Your Facility.

Direct Results from Air Freshening & Scent Marketing

Studies have shown that the Positive Effects of Scent Marketing Increase Customer Spending, Result in Repeat Visits & Better Online Reviews.

Small Areas

Restrooms - Elevators - Small Offices - Vestibules

Mid - Sized Areas

Lobbies - Office Space - Meeting Rooms - Gyms - Retail Space 

Large Areas

Large Lobbies - Ballrooms - Casinos - Entertainment Venues