Trash Cans & Kitchens

Want to Take Care of Those Trash Can & Kitchen Odors Once and For All?  Now You Can Get Rid of Those Funky Odors with the Smell-No-More Odor Removal System. 

Trash Can & Kitchen Odor Removal - Spray Freshen Up in the Air to Remove Airborne Odors. Spray Freshen Up on All Trash Can Surfaces & Let Dry to Remove Odors. 

Products Needed:

Freshen Up 32 oz. Ready to Use Spray Refresher for Deodorizing


Trash Can Cleaning & Deodorizing - Spray Foamed Cleanerizer on All Trash Can Surfaces. Let Dwell on Surfaces for a Few Minutes & then Rinse. This Will Both Clean Surfaces and Enzymatically Remove Anything that Causes Odor. 

Products Needed:

Cleanerizer Concentrate Refill 16 oz. - Enzymatic Cleaner & Odor Remover

Cleanerizer Pump Up Foamer - 1.5 Gallon


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